MAP, Mission Action Plan 2018 - 2021

In this MAP we share our Vision, Values and Priorities at St Bartholomews for 2018 - 2021


  • Every parish now has a Mission Action Plan
  • This ensures that we are planning our work and not just cruising long without objectives
  • Our first MAP ran from 2014-17 and led to a number of new ideas under the headings: Faith, Hope and Love
  • In January 2017 we held a Vision Day to which all the congregation were invited
  • A planning group met several times to follow up the ideas from that day and generate a new MAP for 2018-2021
  • The Plan is not set in stone and can be added to in the light of circumstances

Our Vision
We seek to place our church at the heart of local life, by walking together in our pilgrimage with Christ as a loving community: by making both our building itself and our worship inspiring to all; and by taking seriously our engagement with our local area.

Our Values
Generosity, with one another, to our wider community, and to our world. Engagement, with the diverse life of our parish and the worship of God. Openness, as a church, open to Christ's love, and open to each other.

Our Priorities
To sustain and develop our commitment to Children, Families and Young People: to thoroughly engage with the community so that the spiritual resource which is our parish community can be put to its most effective use; to maintain the spiritual life of the parish in good health during the forthcoming vacancy.

MAP Priority 1: Children and Young People

We hope to: continue our ministry to young families in the local area, and to increase our engagement with those whom we encounter through the celebration of Baptism, All-Age worship and school visits.

We recognise that people with children and young families make up an increasing demographic in our parish, but also that such families may only be living in the parish for a certain number of years. We seek to offer welcome and hospitality to those of all ages, not neglecting those of an older generation, and to pass the joy of our faith on to the generations who will follow us. 

Therefore, we plan to:

  • aim to act for the spiritual good of all members of our parish, whatever their age.
  • recognise that some of our community are senior in years and that loneliness is an increasing phenomenon in our society. Therefore we commit our church to being a welcoming place for people of all ages.
  • make sure that we provide a space for families to worship each month that is accessible to all ages, and suitable in content and length.
  • celebrate our connection to St Bartholomew's Primary School, and to seem to be a worshipping space for all the members of the school and their families.
  • demonstrate our commitment to building up our relationship with Children, Families and Young People by appointing a Coordinator specifically for this purpose and establishing a Families' Forum to solicit feedback and ideas from parents and carers of children under 18 years of age.

Our goal for 2018 is, therefore: by the end of the year, to have appointed the Co-ordinator and established the Forum, and to have had two Sundays a year when the School community is invited to share in our worship.

MAP Priority 2: Engagement with the Community

We hope to: show generosity in our welcome to all who wish to join with us in goodwill, to the community in which we are called to serve, and to the wider world into which we are sent out. 

We recognise that we are called to serve this place and to better engage with the specific needs of the area opening our doors to all, and putting the church at the heart of the community. rejoicing that we are opening the doors of our church to show others what generations before us have found in this place, we hope to be a people open to Christ's love, and open to each other's hopes for our church.

Therefore, we plan to:

  • continue with our restoration appeal, recognising that in restoring this church we are walking in the same faith as those who have gone before us and that the beauty of this place and our worship encourages us to towards the beauty of holiness.
  • make steps to renovate our churchyard, so that a place consecrated for remembrance and commemoration might be in our time to be a place of beauty and stillness, marking our care for a small portion of God's creation.
  • consider as a parish how we might better order the layout of the church to both highlight the beauty of the space, and to allow for flexibility in worship and musical concerts.
  • rejoice that we are a diverse community in an increasingly diverse city, and celebrating this at least on a bi-annual basis.

Our goal for 2018 is, therefore: by the end of the year, to have held an open-door event, offering the wider community a chance to glimpse how they be able to be part of the future of the parish.

MAP Priority 3: Our Pilgrimage Together

We hope: To be a people gathered and engaged with prayer, faith and scripture, and to take this faith beyond the walls of the church into our lives and homes. We are on a journey of spiritual exploration and learning together, supported by the framework of the Church's worship. Therefore, we plan to:

  • appreciate that we are a people of pilgrimage, who have found a home in this place - and so to encourage the practice of making a pilgrimage to a major Christian church each year.
  • continue to offer a regular celebration of the Holy Eucharist so that we might better live the risen life of Christ, bring life to others and give light to the world.
  • pray consistently for numerical and spiritual growth; to start a new prayer group, and to increase attendance at Morning & Evening Prayer. To run study courses and sermon series illustrating the breadth and depth of the Christian faith, and how it is to be lived in our day.
  • maintain the energy and life of the parish during the vacancy.

Our goal for 2018 is, therefore: by the end of the year, to have completed a study of the Gospel of Mark, and before Advent, to have held a one-day pilgrimage to Chichester or to Westminster to demonstrate that we are a people on a spiritual journey.

We hope that the entire community of St. Bartholomew's will work to fulfil the objectives of this MAP and particularly during the forthcoming vacancy.

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