Getting Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at St Barts, whether you would like to hep within the services, to sing in the choir or the more informal singers group. If you like baking, or sorting jumble, flower arranging or want to help with our children's activities, or any other of a dozen activities, we would love to involve you!


We have a strong musical tradition and there are several ways to take part. Please contact Dennis Baugh for details.

The Choir

There is a robed choir singing four part traditional and modern anthems and leading the congregation in singing the communion setting and hymns at the 10am main Sunday services and other feast days during the year. The choir rehearses for one hour per week most weeks on Friday evenings , with a practice session of fifteen minutes before each Sunday service.

For special services, some people join the augmented choir, rehearsing for several weeks before the occasion.

St. Bartholomew's Singers

The singers lead music for worship on all-age and some other less formal services, drawing on folk and gospel traditions. It is not necessary to read music to join the singing group and they do not wear robes at services. They rehearse for one hour per week most weeks on Monday evenings. 

Helping with the Service


Servers assist the priest in a number of different parts of the service. In almost all services you will see three people in white robes, one carrying a cross (Crucifer - sometimes called the MC), and two carrying large candles which are placed either side of the altar (Acolytes). 

Servers process with the priest and choir at beginning and end of the service and accompany the Gospel reading. Acolytes receive the bread, wine and money and assist the priest in the laying out and clearing up of the altar elements. The Crucifer assists with the Collect prayer and the Eucharistic Prayer and - as MC - ensures that everything necessary is done to support the priest in presiding over the service.

New servers receive training and can be accompanied by experienced servers until they feel confident. We actively encourage our young people to become involved in this important duty.

Stewards (formerly called Sidespeople)

Stewards are elected by the PCC. Their role is to greet people as they arrive for the service and ensure that they have the necessary booklets, hymnbooks etc. They are especially concerned to ensure that newcomers and visitors for baptisms etc are made to feel welcome. Where people arrive late during a particularly quiet or intense part of the service, stewards may need to ask them to stay near the door until that part of the service is over. 

Children's Church & Creche Helpers

We have two Sunday School groups and a creche that operate in the hall and choir vestry during the church. Sunday School teachers do not need to be experienced as they will be given material and guidance. All these helpers will have the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check which has taken over from the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau). 

About once a month we hold all-age services where our children and young people are encouraged to take an active part in the service.

Reading the Lessons

We have a large team of people who read the lessons. Most services will contain three: Old Testament, New Testament and Gospel. Readers always have the use of microphones so you don't need to be able to project too loudly, just to enjoy reading.


The Intercessions are the prayers conducted by lay members of the congregation. They are prayers of asking. You are free to use your own words but will be given a suggested route for the prayers to take. The Intercessions start with praying for Christ's Church and then moves to the needs of the world and the people of our local community.


During our major services we administer the bread and wine from two altars; the first at either the High Altar (at the far end of the church) or, more usually the Nave Altar and the second at the altar in the Memorial Chapel at the end of the side aisle. In addition to the presiding priest, we use one person to offer bread and three to offer wine. This is a wonderful way to become closely involved with the most moving part of the service. Administrants are usually asked if they would like to undertake this task rather than volunteer and are always long-term members of the congregation.

Flower Arranging

A small team of flower arrangers provide us with beautiful displays to enhance our services. They are always asking for volunteers and you absolutely do not need any experience so why not join the team and learn a new skill?

Tea & Coffee

We always serve tea and coffee in the hall at the end of the 10am Sunday service. This is a great way to relax, chat and get to know other members of the congregation and serving it is a pleasure because people are always pleased to have a cuppa, so why not join the team!


Prayer Forum

A monthly opportunity to meet in the evening and pray for our concerns, whether sick people known to us, members of the church and community or global concerns. Generally held on the first Tuesday of the month, venues vary so please ask the churchwardens, Nick and Paddy, for details.

Social and Fund Raising Events

These are held frequently but organised on an ad hoc basis, so please see the What's On page or click on the link to the right for details.

Bible Studies

See our Study page.

Children & Young People

Children and Young People are an extremely important part of our church life. Please click Here or on the link to the right for details. 

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We have a number of committees to oversee and help in various aspects of church life. See our People at St. Bartholomew's page for more details.

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