WW1 & Memorial
Remembering those fallen during World War 1,
commemorated at St. Bartholomew's

In the little side chapel at St. Bartholomew's, otherwise known as the Memorial Chapel, is a plaque bearing the names of local people who were killed during the two world wars.

During the years 2014 - 2018, we will be remembering those listed there who died during World War 1. Each Sunday during these four years we will pray for a particular person and light a candle in their memory. 

On the anniversaries of their deaths, we will place Certificates of Remembrance on or near the altar. These are taken from the War Graves Commission site where they are remembered in perpetuity. 

There will also be a book available for scrutiny containing all their names and whatever details we have about them, listed in the order in which they died. This book has been compiled from information supplied by Kent Archeology, The War Graves Commission and Ancestry.co.uk.

We have also encouraged members of the congregation to add the names of their relatives to our list so there are a few people in the book who names do not appear on the memorial.

A copy of the book can be downloaded HERE. (It may take a minute or two to download.)

You can also see a list of those we have identified to the right, in date order. Names in brackets are those added to by members of the congregation.

But there are also a number of names we have not been able to trace. So many men with the same surnames died and without any supporting information, it's simply not possible to distinguish which of them are listed on our plaque.

Might you - or someone you know - be able to shed any light on them? It seems so sad to know nothing at all about these poor people, all of whom died in the most terrible and tragic circumstances, so far away from their homes and their loved ones.

We won't give up on our search and any information at all, however, trivial it might seem, might help us trace them. Please CONTACT us through this site if you think you can help preserve their memory.

Their names are:

  • Baldwin (no Christian name or initial)
  • A M Bedford
  • Alan Bowen
  • Reginald Collins
  • William Cripps
  • William Davies
  • Charles Ed. Evans
  • J Hawkings
  • Albert Howes
  • Edward Jones
  • R F Jones
  • C Martin
  • George Samuel Osborne
  • F O'Connor
  • H Taylor
  • C Wildon
  • L Williams

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Edward Mellish VC

Remembered with Honour

In order of their death


William Henry Lawrence

Frederick George Andrews

Charles Henry May


Claude Wilfred Stanton

(Thomas Marker)

Norman Baker

E M Theobald

Harry Edward Angold

Frank Louis Smith


( George Pearce)

Harold John Tompkins

(Robert Marker)

Frank Attree

John Myddelton Jones

Gordon MacGregor Hughes

Erroll William Alfred Back

William John Henry Brown

Edwin Percival Wildman Brown

Herbert Hilton Scull

Oliver John Stone

John Davenport Wiles

Charles James Marriott

James Henry Chas Worsell

Herbert Samuel Stevens

Edwin Christopher Hytten

Charles George Palmer


Gordon Victor Benfield

Henry Guy Chaplin Coulson

John (Jack) Lovett Candy

Daniel Cottle Green

George Marchant

Charles Edward Nicholls

Reginald Harry Jeffrey

George C Grigg

Phillip Lewis Groom

Alfred Montague Syrett

John Garland

Reginald Harry Cartwright

Edwin Ernest Smith

Frank Lydford Body

Orlando Napier Strutt

George Bowyer

John Arthur Champion

Robert Cottle Green Jnr

Arthur Albert Davis

Trevor Bake Jolly

Joseph Thomas Greer

John George Simpson

Augustus Herbert Beale

Sydney George Samways

Frederick William Seaden

Ernest Allen Roberts

Horace Frederick Miller

Arthur Gibson

Walter George Brett


John William Morgan

Eric Francis Seaforth Hayter

Thomas Frederick Hollis

James Parker

Eric William Coulson

Gorden Henderson

Arthur Edward John Veal

Percival Victor Pearce

Wilfred James Cook

Herbert Edward Sach

Alfred Charles Daniel

Alfred Samuel Boswell

Sidney George Marshall

Albert J Barnes

Gordon Glide


Leslie Howard Turner